This is pretty much what runs through my head whenever I read about my friends’ adventures on OK Cupid:

Marie: “Tell me I’ll never have to be out there again.”


So VistaPrint has a template for a phone memo pad. 

A customizable template.

Which I have customized into a line note template and am considering buying because NOTEPADS FULL OF LINE NOTE SLIPS WOULD BE SO EASY AND THEY’D LAST A GOOD LONG WHILE, RIGHT?


…i’m weak. i did it. so very weak…

Ooo! I wonder if they do sticky-note versions…


[The curtain rises on an empty stage, with the five heraldic banners of the city still hanging overhead—the green and gold sailing ship of NEPTUNE, the blue castle of KANE, the copper candle of MARS, the silver hammer of ECHOLLS, the red quill of HEARST. VERONICA MARS enters…

What is this. Oh my God.

Let’s Meme.


Pick a color. Any color. Or plaid, plaid’s nice too.

Now pick an architectural element (arch, buttress, window, etc).

You’ve just named the ominous apocalyptic megacorporation involved in dubious unlicensed human experimentation of which you are now CEO. Congratulations!

Now go, and make life rue the day it thought it could give you lemons.

"Periwinkle Parapet PLC was considering an initial public offering but then just decided to initiate a series of hostile takeovers.

VERY hostile takeovers.”

Signal boost. These parties are always epic and the people who plan them are an amazing group!

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The fact that this list does not include Party Ben’s “Single Ladies (In Mayberry)” mashup is a damn shame.

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ATTN: Chicago Area Peeps

A quick glossary:

  • The Accidental Shakespeare CompanyThe theater company my friends and I founded in Chicago in 2009. Classical theater, off-key, for the people. We’re opening a modern-dress (White House circa 2002) production of Macbeth in October.
  • Buckman Page: A band founded by my brother Matt and his friend Marcus in/around 2007. They’re also doing the music for AccShakes’ production of Macbeth
  • The Grafton: An amazing Irish pub in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.

All three of these wonderful things are coming together on Sunday, September 14 at 8:00 PMBuckman Page will be performing a benefit concert at The Grafton to raise money for the Accidental Shakespeare Company. Tickets are $10.

If you aren’t in Chicago or can’t come to the show for other reasons, please consider donating to our IndieGogo campaign. We have three days left!

Want to hear the live performance of Our Fair City that I stage managed at the Chicago Fringe Festival? Go listen to it here!


Doctor vs Master - Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 3.

Big Finish - Dark Eyes.

I just finished Dark Eyes 2. SO EXCITED!

(Also how awesome was it in DE2 when the Master got all nostalgic for the Pertwee/Delgado era?)

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"Did not have meeting as scheduled; we were mistaken for Jehovah’s Witnesses and not let in."

— From a contact note in our database (via outofcontextfundraising)